Old School Summer Sandals!

Remember the days when Birkenstocks were awesome?

I probably wore them every single day in the 90′s. In the summer, I wore them bare-footed, and in the winter (rainy days included!) I flopped about with socks on. My trusty ol’ “Birks” went with everything from shorts and jeans to skirts. Or did they?! Those were the days people could get away with wearing pretty much anything without being judged!

So if I said the Birkenstock look is back, would you cringe, or would the soles of your feet send up a big smile? When I heard the look was back, I have to admit that I got a little happy. They might be the ugliest shoe on the market, but I will never deny their amazing comfort! They sure made my feet happy!

Now, while the look of the 90′s was a great pair of well-worn shoes, the look of today is on the fancy side, as shown above. If fancy can be had from a leathery, strappy, hippie, monk-style shoe! However the look goes, sign me up! I have a closet full of summer dresses that are begging to be worn in a  comfortable style!


Another old school style were the “Jellies”. Remember those hideous things we raved about?! Well, the style has been re-invented – very tastefully, might I add! The cute, flat flip-flops shown above are from Michael Kors. They come in a wide variety of fun colors, but I especially love them in black, white or pink. Check out the source link for more options!


These old school sandals go very well when mixed with fun, stylish, girlie looks – from short shorts to long maxi’s. Need an idea? I just found this maxi skirt that would go very well with either of the above sandals. I love the black and white look, but this skirt also comes in a good range of fresh, summer colors like mint and coral. This skirt would go great for that summer vacation on the beach… or for a fancy date night dinner!

I would love to hear your opinion on the come-back of Birkenstocks! Let me know what you think…and how long you think the look will stick around this time!

Smocked Dress

Maybe it is just me, but when I hear the word smock in clothing, I automatically think hippie, old lady, 80′s preschool teachers or infant style clothing.

My mind has images of Little House on the Prairie and country style folks.

I have even attempted to try on a few styles of smocked maxi dresses, but it just felt so weird to me. I have nothing against the hippie, free-loving sort of style, it just isn’t me. I guess I am just more simple and sporty in my style – I can’t pull off that bunched look.

However, in preparation for summer and the heat that we have already experienced here for a couple days, I started looking for a couple new shorter, cooler dresses. I put on a couple pounds this winter in my middle region, which I Swear I will be taking time at the gym to get off, but in the mean time I am a little more on the self-conscious side right now. With that in mind, I am looking for summer dresses with a little more cinch in the ab area, and a little more fluff in the waist.

Call me crazy, but this smocked dress above is Nothing like all the crazy ideas I had in my mind! This Kimchi Blue Genevieve dress is flirty, flowery and super fun. I would wear it in a heartbeat! This is the perfect little dress that can go from the beach vacation to a warm wedding – toss on a cute coordinating cardigan to make the colors really pop.

I love everything about this dress – the sleeves, the flattering mid-section, the neckline, the little bits of lace near the shoulders, how the pattern draws your eyes up and away from the waist… and the price is pretty reasonable too!

I am usually extra picky about shorter dresses as they show more, but I feel this is one that I would really wear this spring and summer. I am even looking forward to pairing it with leggings and boots in the fall!

Metallic and Iridescent

If you are looking for a few new staples to add to your wardrobe this spring and summer, I put together a short list of my favorites for you today!

The new in items are metallic, iridescent…I guess more of a futuristic look would be the way to say it best. Mix the future with your already-fashionable tribal look outfits, and welcome yourself to a spring/summer vaca like no other!

One very cheap way to update your wardrobe almost instantly is adding metallic nails! I absolutely love the look of metallic on my fingers! Add a mix-matched metallic color to your toes as well…paint on a few tribal-style designs in a contrasting color or two on your big toes or ring ringer nails just for a touch of fun.


Photo: amazon.com

Want a big selection of metallic polishes for a small amount of dough? Look at this highly rated set from Amazon – six colors for under 1o bucks seems like a great deal!


Another way to add a metallic look to your style is by going with iridescent jewelry. I found this insanely beautiful shell necklace that mixes the natural beauty of the tribal style with the seasonal metallic coloring! This necklace would look great in a casual setting, all the way to a hot date night! Mix it up with a metallic clutch, like the one below, and you can consider yourself stylish! Love this look to death!

This metal clutch by Glint is just breathtaking. I love all the fun lines! The shape and metallic coloring of this stylish bag just scream futuristic! Add this fun piece to any wardrobe for an instant lift.

Will you be adding metallic to your spring or summer wardrobe? Let me know your opinions and/or favorite products!

Denim Jackets…my favorite blast from the past!

Do you have that one favorite staple item that was in your wardrobe FAR past its fashionable exit?

Maybe you didn’t wear it out, but it hung in your closet for several years (or decades!) just waiting for it to make a comeback?!

For me, that item is the “jean jacket”. I loved my Levi’s jacket from the 90′s! It was warm, comfortable…and it was a perfect canvas for my Save the Earth pins. Or whatever nerdy button collection I had going on at the time! I finally gave that coat to the Goodwill about 5 years ago, when I looked at it realized the over-sized jean jacket look would never make a comeback.

While the over-sized clothing look of the 90′s hasn’t made its way back in the awesome ways of the past, the jean jacket is here! It isn’t big, it isn’t bulky, there are no multi-colored pockets, and it is no longer “jean” – it has made its way back as the Denim Jacket. Am I still excited? Oh, yea!

Here are a few of my favorite options, ranging in color from light to dark based on your style preference!


Source: www.hm.com

This light-colored jacket is from H&M. It has a distressed, faded look. The small addition of spandex makes it extra comfortable to wear, and easier to roll up the sleeves for a casual day.

For a medium color option, which is great for most outfits, try out this great jacket with super-cute arched pockets from Old Navy. I particularly like this option because I am tall with long arms. I love that there are more sizing options – Regular, Tall and Petite! I always have problems finding sleeves long enough for my arms…I usually have to go up a size or two, which makes for a bulkier-looking middle section. Thank you Old Navy for understanding that all people are not “Regular-sized”!!


Source: jcpenney.com

You can never get a classic style wrong if you stick with Levi’s! I found this Trucker jacket at JC Penney. It has a fresh look to my old 90′s jacket! The best thing about a dark denim jacket (in my opinion) is that it lasts longer! After several washes, the color will start to fade and make it look like you bought a new jacket. What can I say, I am cheap and like to think about long-term wear when I buy new clothes!

What do you think of the jean jacket? Are you as excited as me, or do you find my excitement a bit on the crazy side? I mean, come on, these jackets go with just about everything so how could you not be excited?!

That Perfect Spring/Summer Dress!

It is that time of the year…

The time we all shell out a little extra cash on that perfect dress that will get us through the summer? Not you? Well, now is the year to start! And boy, oh boy, have I found the dress that will attract all the boys!

This beautiful maxi is a looker! It has all those beautiful, earthy colors that will go with every girls skin tone, from lightest light to darkest dark! The subtle addition of pink/coral and blue makes it easy to accessorize – go with a bright-colored, breezy scarf and flip flops during the dark, or add a darker color shawl and heels to party all night!

I absolutely love long summer dresses. I can go from sitting in the house in my PJ’s to looking like I spent all day prepping myself in less than 30 seconds. Just slip the dress over your head, toss the hair up in a messy bun, add a touch of blush and lip gloss and you are set to go! Another plus? Maxi dresses are easily packed in your luggage for a light weight addition to your summer vacation wardrobe!

If you love this Rion Striped Maxi Dress as much as I do, be sure to check it out at Butterflies and Bikinis!

Have another favorite summer style you want to share? Be sure to send me a message!

Fold-able Shoes for any Occasion!

Foldable flats are one of my most favorite inventions!

Who hasn’t been at a wedding and danced a little too much in high heels? Or had a long day at the office wearing uncomfortable shoes? Heels are not just bad for our feet, but also our knees and our backs… and while we love to look great for those special occasions, sometimes the best part of the night is taking off those uncomfortable, toe-pinching, regrettable shoes that we chose!

When I saw foldable flats for the first time in the store, I wondered why they hadn’t been made before! Before them, I would tote my 99 cent flip flops in the back seat of my car in case of a cramped foot emergency. But flip flops can make you look so tacky at a formal event, while flats are still dressy. Nowadays, you can get foldable shoes in most any color or style…check out a few of these great options -

Simple, black and great for any occasion or outfit from that little black dress to your boyfriends borrowed sweatpants! You can grab these Sidekicks online for under 20 bucks – what a steal!


These look like a great option because they seem to have a thicker rubber sole, allowing for a more comfortable and longer lasting shoe. And they still fold up into a cute little bag!

Ok, so you have your foldable flats for your best friends wedding covered – but what about those heavy sneakers you are hauling back and forth to the gym? Makes you feel like you don’t need to go to the gym because your workout is just lugging around those shoes?! Check out these absolutely adorable, trendy shoes from Puma! Lightweight AND they flatten! No kidding – I am grabbing a pair this weekend. They have great reviews from what I have seen. I can’t wait to lighten my gym bag load!

What do you think about foldable shoes? Best idea ever? Not your thing? Have a favorite? Let us know!

My Favorite Boots.

I have received several reader emails asking about my favorite boots for the cold winter days, so I decided today I would share them with you!

To be honest, I love tall boots. I would wear them all year round if it didn’t look weird to wear them with shorts!

Like many of you probably do, I like to have a pair of boots that are nice enough to attend dressy events like winter weddings but also go with the every day jeans and jacket look. For the purpose of matching most of my clothes, and keeping dressy, I choose I nice semi-shiny boot. Not over-the-top nice, but great for most any style. I went out on Black Friday (or, I guess we could start calling it Black Thursday now that the sales all seem to start on Thanksgiving now!) and got a great deal on these Croft & Barrow Tall Riding Boots, shown below, at Kohls.


Photo: kohls.com

These boots are stylish, but with minimal “hooks and gadgets” as many boots these days seem to have. I also find them to be very comfortable, which is always a plus! The Black Friday price was extremely reasonable at about $40. The ever day price of $85 is reasonable in a pinch, but a little steep for my taste. Personally, I would hold out for a sale or coupon if these catch your eye!

My casual boot this year is by Ugg. This brand has been around for years now, and I have always said that I would never own a pair! I found them to make my feet look giant (to be fair, I do have a larger sized foot to begin with! ) with all their added padding and bulkiness. However opinionated I may have been in the past, I changed my tune this year. Not because I finally decided the same ol’ Ugg boot was suddenly attractive to my giant feet, but because they came out with a new style, the Bailey Button Triplet, that I just fell in love with!


I have seen these boots offered in Brown, Gray and Black. While I think the above brown boot is my favorite, I opted for the black as they do say black is more slimming…is that true for large feet?! While I believe these boots are on the pricier side, about $200, I justified the expense as I believe they will hold up well and stay moderately fashionable for at least several more years. Fashionable or not, these babies are WARM for my toes!

So there you have it, my favorite boots for the winter! I hope you all enjoy!