My Favorite Boots.


I have received several reader emails asking about my favorite boots for the cold winter days, so I decided today I would share them with you!

To be honest, I love tall boots. I would wear them all year round if it didn’t look weird to wear them with shorts!

Like many of you probably do, I like to have a pair of boots that are nice enough to attend dressy events like winter weddings but also go with the every day jeans and jacket look. For the purpose of matching most of my clothes, and keeping dressy, I choose I nice semi-shiny boot. Not over-the-top nice, but great for most any style. I went out on Black Friday (or, I guess we could start calling it Black Thursday now that the sales all seem to start on Thanksgiving now!) and got a great deal on these Croft & Barrow Tall Riding Boots, shown below, at Kohls.



These boots are stylish, but with minimal “hooks and gadgets” as many boots these days seem to have. I also find them to be very comfortable, which is always a plus! The Black Friday price was extremely reasonable at about $40. The ever day price of $85 is reasonable in a pinch, but a little steep for my taste. Personally, I would hold out for a sale or coupon if these catch your eye!

My casual boot this year is by Ugg. This brand has been around for years now, and I have always said that I would never own a pair! I found them to make my feet look giant (to be fair, I do have a larger sized foot to begin with! )¬†with all their added padding and bulkiness. However opinionated I may have been in the past, I changed my tune this year. Not because I finally decided the same ol’ Ugg boot was suddenly attractive to my giant feet, but because they came out with a new style, the Bailey Button Triplet, that I just fell in love with!


I have seen these boots offered in Brown, Gray and Black. While I think the above brown boot is my favorite, I opted for the black as they do say black is more slimming…is that true for large feet?! While I believe these boots are on the pricier side, about $200, I justified the expense as I believe they will hold up well and stay moderately fashionable for at least several more years. Fashionable or not, these babies are WARM for my toes!

So there you have it, my favorite boots for the winter! I hope you all enjoy!