Fold-able Shoes for any Occasion!


Foldable flats are one of my most favorite inventions!

Who hasn’t been at a wedding and danced a little too much in high heels? Or had a long day at the office wearing uncomfortable shoes? Heels are not just bad for our feet, but also our knees and our backs… and while we love to look great for those special occasions, sometimes the best part of the night is taking off those uncomfortable, toe-pinching, regrettable shoes that we chose!

When I saw foldable flats for the first time in the store, I wondered why they hadn’t been made before! Before them, I would tote my 99 cent flip flops in the back seat of my car in case of a cramped foot emergency. But flip flops can make you look so tacky at a formal event, while flats are still dressy. Nowadays, you can get foldable shoes in most any color or style…check out a few of these great options -

Simple, black and great for any occasion or outfit from that little black dress to your boyfriends borrowed sweatpants! You can grab these Sidekicks online for under 20 bucks – what a steal!


These look like a great option because they seem to have a thicker rubber sole, allowing for a more comfortable and longer lasting shoe. And they still fold up into a cute little bag!

Ok, so you have your foldable flats for your best friends wedding covered – but what about those heavy sneakers you are hauling back and forth to the gym? Makes you feel like you don’t need to go to the gym because your workout is just lugging around those shoes?! Check out these absolutely adorable, trendy shoes from Puma! Lightweight AND they flatten! No kidding – I am grabbing a pair this weekend. They have great reviews from what I have seen. I can’t wait to lighten my gym bag load!

What do you think about foldable shoes? Best idea ever? Not your thing? Have a favorite? Let us know!