Denim Jackets…my favorite blast from the past!


Do you have that one favorite staple item that was in your wardrobe FAR past its fashionable exit?

Maybe you didn’t wear it out, but it hung in your closet for several years (or decades!) just waiting for it to make a comeback?!

For me, that item is the “jean jacket”. I loved my Levi’s jacket from the 90′s! It was warm, comfortable…and it was a perfect canvas for my Save the Earth pins. Or whatever nerdy button collection I had going on at the time! I finally gave that coat to the Goodwill about 5 years ago, when I looked at it realized the over-sized jean jacket look would never make a comeback.

While the over-sized clothing look of the 90′s hasn’t made its way back in the awesome ways of the past, the jean jacket is here! It isn’t big, it isn’t bulky, there are no multi-colored pockets, and it is no longer “jean” – it has made its way back as the Denim Jacket. Am I still excited? Oh, yea!

Here are a few of my favorite options, ranging in color from light to dark based on your style preference!



This light-colored jacket is from H&M. It has a distressed, faded look. The small addition of spandex makes it extra comfortable to wear, and easier to roll up the sleeves for a casual day.

For a medium color option, which is great for most outfits, try out this great jacket with super-cute arched pockets from Old Navy. I particularly like this option because I am tall with long arms. I love that there are more sizing options – Regular, Tall and Petite! I always have problems finding sleeves long enough for my arms…I usually have to go up a size or two, which makes for a bulkier-looking middle section. Thank you Old Navy for understanding that all people are not “Regular-sized”!!



You can never get a classic style wrong if you stick with Levi’s! I found this Trucker jacket at JC Penney. It has a fresh look to my old 90′s jacket! The best thing about a dark denim jacket (in my opinion) is that it lasts longer! After several washes, the color will start to fade and make it look like you bought a new jacket. What can I say, I am cheap and like to think about long-term wear when I buy new clothes!

What do you think of the jean jacket? Are you as excited as me, or do you find my excitement a bit on the crazy side? I mean, come on, these jackets go with just about everything so how could you not be excited?!