Metallic and Iridescent


If you are looking for a few new staples to add to your wardrobe this spring and summer, I put together a short list of my favorites for you today!

The new in items are metallic, iridescent…I guess more of a futuristic look would be the way to say it best. Mix the future with your already-fashionable tribal look outfits, and welcome yourself to a spring/summer vaca like no other!

One very cheap way to update your wardrobe almost instantly is adding metallic nails! I absolutely love the look of metallic on my fingers! Add a mix-matched metallic color to your toes as well…paint on a few tribal-style designs in a contrasting color or two on your big toes or ring ringer nails just for a touch of fun.



Want a big selection of metallic polishes for a small amount of dough? Look at this highly rated set from Amazon – six colors for under 1o bucks seems like a great deal!


Another way to add a metallic look to your style is by going with iridescent jewelry. I found this insanely beautiful shell necklace that mixes the natural beauty of the tribal style with the seasonal metallic coloring! This necklace would look great in a casual setting, all the way to a hot date night! Mix it up with a metallic clutch, like the one below, and you can consider yourself stylish! Love this look to death!

This metal clutch by Glint is just breathtaking. I love all the fun lines! The shape and metallic coloring of this stylish bag just scream futuristic! Add this fun piece to any wardrobe for an instant lift.

Will you be adding metallic to your spring or summer wardrobe? Let me know your opinions and/or favorite products!