Smocked Dress


Maybe it is just me, but when I hear the word smock in clothing, I automatically think hippie, old lady, 80′s preschool teachers or infant style clothing.

My mind has images of Little House on the Prairie and country style folks.

I have even attempted to try on a few styles of smocked maxi dresses, but it just felt so weird to me. I have nothing against the hippie, free-loving sort of style, it just isn’t me. I guess I am just more simple and sporty in my style – I can’t pull off that bunched look.

However, in preparation for summer and the heat that we have already experienced here for a couple days, I started looking for a couple new shorter, cooler dresses. I put on a couple pounds this winter in my middle region, which I Swear I will be taking time at the gym to get off, but in the mean time I am a little more on the self-conscious side right now. With that in mind, I am looking for summer dresses with a little more cinch in the ab area, and a little more fluff in the waist.

Call me crazy, but this smocked dress above is Nothing like all the crazy ideas I had in my mind! ThisĀ Kimchi Blue Genevieve dress is flirty, flowery and super fun. I would wear it in a heartbeat! This is the perfect little dress that can go from the beach vacation to a warm wedding – toss on a cute coordinating cardigan to make the colors really pop.

I love everything about this dress – the sleeves, the flattering mid-section, the neckline, the little bits of lace near the shoulders, how the pattern draws your eyes up and away from the waist… and the price is pretty reasonable too!

I am usually extra picky about shorter dresses as they show more, but I feel this is one that I would really wear this spring and summer. I am even looking forward to pairing it with leggings and boots in the fall!