Old School Summer Sandals!


Remember the days when Birkenstocks were awesome?

I probably wore them every single day in the 90′s. In the summer, I wore them bare-footed, and in the winter (rainy days included!) I flopped about with socks on. My trusty ol’ “Birks” went with everything from shorts and jeans to skirts. Or did they?! Those were the days people could get away with wearing pretty much anything without being judged!

So if I said the Birkenstock look is back, would you cringe, or would the soles of your feet send up a big smile? When I heard the look was back, I have to admit that I got a little happy. They might be the ugliest shoe on the market, but I will never deny their amazing comfort! They sure made my feet happy!

Now, while the look of the 90′s was a great pair of well-worn shoes, the look of today is on the fancy side, as shown above. If fancy can be had from a leathery, strappy, hippie, monk-style shoe! However the look goes, sign me up! I have a closet full of summer dresses that are begging to be worn in a ¬†comfortable style!


Another old school style were the “Jellies”. Remember those hideous things we raved about?! Well, the style has been re-invented – very tastefully, might I add! The cute, flat flip-flops shown above are from Michael Kors. They come in a wide variety of fun colors, but I especially love them in black, white or pink. Check out the source link for more options!


These old school sandals go very well when mixed with fun, stylish, girlie looks – from short shorts to long maxi’s. Need an idea? I just found this maxi skirt that would go very well with either of the above sandals. I love the black and white look, but this skirt also comes in a good range of fresh, summer colors like mint and coral. This skirt would go great for that summer vacation on the beach… or for a fancy date night dinner!

I would love to hear your opinion on the come-back of Birkenstocks! Let me know what you think…and how long you think the look will stick around this time!