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Asymmetrical Love!

I love warm, wintery clothing.

Getting all snuggled up in the added warmth of sweaters, coats, scarves and boots is the highlight of my day when the weather outside is “frightful”. Sure, there is an added positive when the extra layers hide the extra pound or two I *may* have put on during Thanksgiving!

When I was a child, the cold, wet days of winter meant putting on the same raincoat and boots every day. While the rain was fun (think jumping in puddles!), the clothes was monotonous. Boring, even. Maybe it had to do with growing up poor and having my sisters old hand-me-downs…or maybe fashion just isn’t as exciting for children as it can be for adults!

So in honor of the cold weather happening in my town today, I wanted to share a few warm and fuzzy favorites of mine! These aren’t just your normal, boring winter clothes – these are stylish, asymmetrical styles that will make others turn their heads to take a look in the middle of a rain storm!



I found this Via Spiga coat on It is made with a wool, polyester blend and a faux fur collar. The asymmetrical front zipper adds a super feminine touch to the every-day black winter coat. Wear it with anything!


This amazing horizontal striped sweater with side buttons is by Neve Designs. I love how girly it looks with all the different textures, but also keeps a sporty style – which allows it to easily dress up or down! This sweater may look light-weight, but it is made to keep you warm with a nice wool-blend. What a great sweater to keep you stylish on the slopes!


When you just can’t take another day in pants, try this cozy sweater tunic dress that I found on! Pop a pair of cute leggings under neath and you won’t even know it is winter out there! The side button look is just to die for. Not to mention the super-affordable price!

I just can’t get enough of the asymmetrical/side-closure style! Keep an eye out for it with every style, from hoodies to boots to dresses!